Friday, June 15, 2012

Holy Grail Alert: John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Setter

John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Hair Setter by Conair ($49.99)

I love my friends, whole heartily. They have faith in me and believe I can succeed at most things I attempt. Naturally we are not talking about anything PhD. worthy...more like the ability to use a curling iron or learning to play Mah Jong.

I however, know the limitations of my skill set. Both of the above are excluded. All attempts have proved futile.

When I received information about a new type of hot roller developed by John Frieda for Conair, I perked up. When I learned that it is part of the Frizz Ease Collection, I was all ears and ecstatic to hear they could be sent to me for review.

JF has more than proved he knows a thing or three about helping tame frizz.

My John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Setter arrived the other night. It was a damp, humid day and a trip to the gym did nothing to improve the state of my hair. Though I was planning to wash my hair in the morning, I was too excited not to try them and more than curious if they could do anything to smooth my hair or improve it all. Suffice to say, anything should have looked better.
The set contains five 2-inch titanium ceramic-coated jumbo rollers and five jumbo clips to keep them in place. The setter is designed with an "ionic generator to safely distribute heat throughout the hair, so there is no fear of frizz or dull strands.

The rollers heat up quickly. With the exception of my bangs, all 5 rollers took up every inch of my slightly longer than shoulder length, naturally wavy hair. They are cinch to smoothly roll around your hair and the large clips are a snap to use.

My hair takes a curl very quickly. After about 45 seconds, I slipped them out and brushed my hair. I was AMAZED to see tame, glossy, full layers that were stepping out worthy.

In short, a miracle.

Too bad I was in my pajamas.

I woke up this morning and rather than a mass of damp waves underneath the top layers, my hair was still smooth.

In short, a miracle.

Yesterday I slept in and was short on time getting ready for my friend Nancy's annual outdoor Birthday Bash. (I love a Girl who will own her age and throw herself a party). Her husband is a fantastic chef, and we all fast in anticipation of the beautiful food he prepares. Happy Birthday Nanc!!!

I washed my hair, doused my hair with John Frieda's 3-Day Straight and plugged in my Hair Setter. I didn't have time to tug and dry every strand, so I used the rollers instead. They were immediately smoothed and the curl stays in exactly the direction you roll it in. I was making head headway quickly. A few strokes of my other H.G. product, John Frieda's Touch Up Flyaway Tamer and I was good to go.

Despite the heat and hair that wasn't fully dried, my hair was full, shiny and tame.-

In short, a miracle. Who needs a curling iron???

After lunch, the Girls broke out their Mah Jong sets. They "cracked" and "bammed" while I sat dazed and confused...(Perhaps it is time to purchase that DVD I saw online, "Mah Jong for Morons".

All in all, a beautiful day. Whenever your hair looks good, it always is. One miracle at a time...


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