Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin

Microderm MD by Trophy Skin
At home Microdermabrasion system
$299 (and worth every penny)

I promised to follow up with my experience and a review of my Trophy Skin MicrodermMD home microdermabrasion system. I am not a handy Girl, and when I first received a large somewhat heavy package, I momentarily panicked. Was this going to be a complicated system and was I in over my head, before I even got started??? Big Gulp.

My fears were completely unfounded. MicrodermMD is rather compact and there is NOTHING complicated about it. I anticipated having to rev it up for a few hours before using it, but nope!

To my delight you plug it in, hit the power switch and you are good to go.

So what is MicrodermMd  all about? I think it's best if you read the description from Trophy Skin and then I will weigh in with my experience using it:

The MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin is a revolution in at-home skincare, for the first time offering a professional grade microdermabrasion device that can be used at home. The MicrodermMD offers a fast, gentle, and extremely effective microderm treatment delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Our device offers 5 power levels of exfoliation, so you can choose your comfort level and get the best possible skin exfoliating treatment depending on the area of the face or body you are treating. The MicrodermMD allows you to experience the same professional quality treatment offered by Salons, Spas, and Dermatologist offices in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The MicrodermMD is a natural diamond tipped device that is 100% Crystal free, meaning there is no mess or cleanup time needed when using the device. You simple turn on the device and apply the diamond tipped exfoliating wand directly to the skin. A 5-10 minute treatment a few times per week is all that is needed to achieve glowing, radiant skin.

The MicrodermMD works by gently and powerfully exfoliating the top 3-5 layers of outer dermis, removing dead skin and the soon-to-be dead skin beneath. This causes the rebirth of collagen and elastin, giving the skin a smooth and glowing appearance. Over time, these home microdermabrasion treatments reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and brown spots on the face and body. Uneven skin tone and texture will gradually become smooth and uniform, just like getting a microderm at a professional Spa or Salon.

OK, I think it is helpful that I have had microdermabrasion treatments several times, because, like riding a bicycle, the technique and amount of pressure that was used came right back. Nonetheless, the instructions are simple to understand and follow. As instructed, I first cleansed my face.

I did start off on the lowest setting, but since my skin is thick and hearty, (not to mention use to quite a bit of beauty "handling"), I notched it up to the second highest setting, which for my skin, was not the least bit uncomfortable.

It felt identical to professional treatments I received (sans the painful one) and when I finished my entire face about 6 minutes later, I again cleansed and toned my face. If I had been going out, I would have used a moisturizer with SPF as directed.

Each kit comes with 100 filters that should be changed after each use and the diamond tip applicator should be cleaned with soap, water and the brush that is included.

My skin INSTANTLY looked brighter and smoother and and the morning, I woke up GLOWING.

MicrodermMD also comes with a special tip that is best used for extracting blackheads and oily sebum around the chin area. They recommend doing this on separate days, so I will be trying this on another night. It is also perfectly safe to use Microderm MD on your neck, decollete chest and other areas, so you know I will basically be doing my whole body!

Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about Trophy Skin's Microdermabrasion MD.

Just like the Clarisonic, perhaps even more so, this is truly a fabulous, quality product, that will pay for itself in two uses. You can look forward to diminished age spots, fine lines, a more even texture and glowing skin. I couldn't be more excited about a beauty product that I know is a proven anti-ager and I am thrilled I had a chance to share my experience with my readers.



  1. would you recommend having a salon treatment for the first time? I have never had Micro-dermabrasion and I am unsure what it is supposed to feel like. I have hesitated because I do not have a local salon that I frequent.

  2. I was amazed that MicrodermabrasionMD felt and was used exactly like professional treatments I have received. It feels a little like your skin is being vaccummed. It is not painful. The directions are specific and easy to follow. I honestly don't think it's necessary. For your own comfort and while you are gaining experience and your skin is getting used to microdermabrasion, I would work on the lowest setting.
    All week look people have been comment on my skin. This is an amazing product!

  3. I JUST saw something about this on Facebook or Twitter (prob Twitter?) and decided to google it to see if there were any "real" reviews online (aka not just shopping sites or paid for placements) and was thrilled to see this. Thanks so much for the honest, amazing review. So refreshing to get information from someone I know wasn't directly paid to write a review! I can't wait to try it!!!! Do you know of any more "sales" or will you be offering any special promotions for your readers when you sell on your site?

    Fountain of Youth?! Sounds perfect for me!!! Thanks DD!!!

    1. There is a current groupon for this exact machine, so the cost is $180 instead of the $300!!

  4. This is PERFECT for a busy housewife or a professional working woman. Who the heck has time to spend searching for decent salons or spas, and then actually taking the time to go? Personally, if I had that extra time I would want to spend it on a massage because I can't do that myself! Looking to purchase this very soon. Can't wait to have something I can do, while actually winding down for the night in front of the TV! Great review, thank you!

  5. what a review, incredible. Psyched, thank you

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  7. There is a current groupon for this exact machine, so the cost is $180 instead of the $300!!

  8. Vanessa,
    Grab it! I love this thing! I was so busy I forgot to do it for the last two weeks and I can see the difference in my skin.. Usually I do it every Sunday morning...heading there now. Thanks for posting this. Hope its available all over for other readers.

    Wishing you a fabulous 2014!


  9. Thanks so much for this info! There is a groupon for this right now and after reading your review I think I will try it out. Like you said, it will pay for itself within two treatments!