Sunday, May 6, 2012

DivaDebbi Launches Forever Forty Four

I am always shocked when a grown person asks a woman her age.  As far as I'm concerned, once you hit double digits, that one is off the table.

A few months ago, we were at a cocktail party and someone asked my age, (puh-leaz. How rude!!!)  Without missing a beat, I replied, "44".  There was a slight pause and a few raised eyebrows, (not the least of which were my husband's).  Finally, I said, "well that's the age I imagine myself to be. The clock stopped here".

I realized, it's true. Who actually feels their chronological age?  I certainly don't and I must say, I do look years younger...So pick a number and stay there.  Mine is 44.

As I approach my 700th DivaDebbi Blog (!), I decided to start a second Blog, exclusively devoted to all of the the tried and true anti-aging tools, products and services, I have used over the last four years. I will also share posts and articles written by some of the best in the biz, like Jackie Silver's Aging BackwardsFab Over Forty and Best Things in Beauty.

I will continue of course to write DivaDebbi, which also focuses on fashion and cosmetics.  Think of the two as sister Blogs dedicated to the best you can be.

Happy picking...



  1. Big congrats!! Can't wait to learn all your marvelous tricks for looking truly marvelous at 44 ;-)

  2. This is terrific Sis! You are always my go to gal when I'm in the aisles of a beauty emporium. Forever FourtyFour is going to be an awesome blog! Keep us beautious!

  3. Thanks Girls!
    Too many great, viable things living in those archives not to revisit and of course I will be adding and trying new things.

    DD FFF