Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get the Look: Kate Middleton

I frequently receive emails from my P.R. friends, with laborious details describing how A to Z list stars have achieve their Red Carpet coiffs.

When I received this one about Kate Middleton's stunning Holiday hair styles, with easy to achieve tips and results by Edward Tricomi, Co-owner of Warren Tricomi Salons,  I had to share this.

 Warren Tricomi Greenwich is where my own genius colorist Christopher Hornauer resides.  I am also crazy about their products.  I recently blogged about their new Super Hold Hair Spray (

J'Adore!!! I recently saw Christopher for color.  I told him they have achieved "Bump-It in a Can". Genius!

Check out Kate Middleton’s gorgeous holiday styles with tips on how to get the look from Edward Tricomi, Co-owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons.

Kate’s Updo:

“This look is Elegant, charming and surprisingly easy to achieve.”

· Begin by parting your hair where it would naturally fall.

· This look is started with a very basic French braid at the back of the neck. Be sure to braid very loosely, this will keep the look modern and effortless.

· Once your braid reaches the top of your back begin to twist it into a bun. The bun should be more oval in shape as opposed to round and should sit right at the base of your neck. Secure with hair pins.

Products used:

“Kate has mirror-like shine which makes her color look extremely rich. I would recommend using a hair glaze to really bring out the shine and richness in color.”

Kate’s Half Up, Half Down Style:

“Lady Kate kills it with this, taking a look that is sophisticated yet surprisingly simple to create. The off-center pin curls are unexpected, innovative and original.”

· Start by setting your hair with a curling iron in large sections until your entire head is curled. This will give it a soft bounce.

· Divide your hair into two sections from ear to ear across the back of your head.

· Brush the top section straight back (this look is achieved with no parting)

· Take hair from your temple and pull it away from your face, twirling it into a pin curl and securing it with pins at the crown of your head, repeat with the remaining side.

Including products used
“Use a blow dry lotion to provide humidity resistance, frizz-control and protect the hair from heat styling.”

Wishing Kate and Will's a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful royal heir...

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